Fall 2023 Contract Crew Updates

If you have questions about the legitimacy of a crew in your area, don't hesitate to contact our office at 936-544-5641.

As a reminderHouston County Electric does not have any contractors for Broadband internet. If people are on your property for broadband, you must grant them an easement. We are not affiliated with any broadband companies.

Right-Of-Way Crews:

  • Arbor Resources: In the Kennard/Pennington areas
  • Clear View: Centerville/Buffalo Areas
  • Tree Xperts: Trinity/Weldon Areas


System Inventory Crews:

  • Davey Resource Group will be in the Grapeland, Mound City, Elkhart, Slocum, Oakwood, Corinth, Flo, Centerville, and Buffalo areas.
  • Davey Crews will collect all necessary data to continue our system inventory project. They will be near all equipment associated with the cooperative. Including meters and transformers near homes. Davey Crews will be on ATVs in densely wooded areas and wear safety gear (helmets, etc.) when on ATVs. Their trucks will have their logo and HCEC's logo attached to the side of the vehicle. They will also be equipped with a Letter of Certification that they're affiliated with the cooperative.

Truck and ATV in powerline right of way