Your cooperative is governed by a nine-member board of directors.  Each director serves a three-year term and is elected by cooperative members in his or her district.

Through your elected board of directors, you democratically control your cooperative.  These directors serve in the best interest of the members they represent. Each director represents a different district in the cooperative’s service area and offers a unique perspective.  Each of these directors shares a common goal: to provide affordable, reliable electric power for your way of life.

Houston County Electric Cooperative Board meets at 4:00 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month. Members are welcome to attend. Periodically the meeting date is subject to change due to scheduling conflicts. To avoid causing any confusion or inconvenience, please call to confirm the meeting date and time.



Mary Pearl Adams

Madison County District

Mary Pearl Adams Headshot

Daniel Courmier, President

At Large

Dan Courmier headshot

William Emmons

Houston County District 1

William Emmons headshot

Mitchell Huff, Secretary

Houston County District 2

Mitchell Huff Headshot

Kennon Kellum

Houston County District 4

Kennon Kellum Headshot


Larry Nelms

Anderson County District

Larry Nelms Headshot


Charles (Chuck) Siems

Houston County District 3

Chuck Siems Headshot

Grady Wakefield

Leon County District

Grady Wakefield Headshot

David Whittlesey

Trinity County District

David Whittlesey Headshot